The cold temperatures have been blistering this winter! With record-low nights and record amounts of snow across the country, it’s no surprise that the consumption of electricity in the United States is projected to rise by 1.5% in 2021. But staying warm can come at a cost. With heating units running around the clock this winter, customers can see their heating bills sky-rocket in the colder months. So how do you stay warm without breaking the bank?

Program your thermostat. 

According to ENERGY STAR, setting your thermostat to 68 while you’re awake and in the house. The energy-conserving key comes into play with lowering the temperature while you’re out of the house or asleep. By turning your thermostat down by 7-10 degrees for eight (8) hours a day from its normal setting, customers can save approximately 10 percent of energy per year! Programming your thermostat to automatically adjust the temperature during times when you’re not regularly in the house is a great way to conserve and save. 

Wear slippers and socks. 

It may seem small, but if your feet are cold, the rest of your body will be cold as well. By wearing socks and slippers around the house, you may feel a little bit warmer than usual which will help you keep the thermostat at the set temperature and not crank it up. So next time you get chilly, reach for the slippers and socks before the thermostat!

Seal up air leaks. 

This may take a little extra work and some additional cost if you don’t already have the tools, but locating and repairing air leaks in the house can drastically help keep the cold air where it should be: out of the house! Check for areas that are often opened and closed such as door frames and windows or areas where your house has settled. If there are cracks and holes in areas to repair, you can caulk the openings to help save nearly 20 percent on your heating bill.