See ya later 2020, and good riddance!

With the holidays coming to an end and the new year on the horizon, the annual conversation of new year’s resolutions is back in focus. While setting big goals can be motivational and exciting, it’s okay to have smaller, intentional goals set in place. 2020 brought many new challenges and changes to what was the established normal and predictable cadence of life. Setting realistic financial goals, no matter how big or small, can help you stay on track for reaching those milestones without the task feeling too monumental to take on.

Below are a couple of great starting points for brainstorming some financial goals for 2021. Each goal will look different for each person, so there’s no need to compare or think a specific goal is too big or too small. Your own financial journey will be achieved at your own pace, rate, and over time. Any goal you set and achieve is a big milestone to celebrate! Pick ones that are realistic for your circumstances and help you feel your best. 

  1. Pay recurring, monthly bills on time
  2. Establish an emergency fund
  3. Catch up on late payments
  4. Pay off one credit card or medical bill
  5. Limit your credit card use
  6. Pay an additional payment on your student loans
  7. Cut back on the number of times you dine out in a week
  8. Automatically put 20% of each paycheck into your savings
  9. Start tracking your income and expenses each month
  10. Cancel 2 subscriptions you have, but don’t use daily