The crisp mornings, changing colors, and pumpkin-spice lattes seem to already be in full effect this fall. As the excitement of a new season emerges, there are numerous activities that come to mind with some being more expensive than others. Trying to enjoy all the fun and cozy elements of fall while also staying in budget can sometimes be a little daunting. How can you enjoy all the fun activities without breaking the bank? We’re here to help spark some ideas!

First and foremost, having an affordable fall bucket list doesn’t mean you have to miss out on any of your fall-favorites! Pick one or two activities/decor/new clothes and budget for those bigger-ticket items. This way, you can allow yourself to enjoy some of your all-time favorite things while also getting to take part in lots of other fall favorites.

As for affordable, but great fall activities, here is a list of ideas that can be done at little-to-no cost. Adding any amount of these to your fall bucket list can help you stay on track with your financial goals while also enjoying all things fall-related.


Fall Bucket List Ideas:
  • Have a bonfire in the backyard
  • Rake leaves & jump in them!
  • Go on a scenic drive or hike to look at the changing fall colors
  • Find any free or cheap fall-festivals in your area to attend
  • Purchase cheap pumpkins (real or fake!) for carving or decorating
  • Go to your local Dollar store and pick out fall arts and crafts to create some additional decorations
  • Pick out a fall recipe or two and gather all the ingredients on your next grocery run
  • Spend an afternoon out hiking or walking and enjoying the cooler weather
  • Take your own fall-inspired photos
  • Try fall-specific food you see around the store (some great ideas are halloween oreos, fall-themed baked goods from your local store, candy corn, kettle corn, roasted pecans)
  • Visit your local, outdoor farmer’s market
  • Make caramel-covered apples