With the 2020 school year underway, students from elementary to college are experiencing many different approaches to learning. Whether schools are adopting a hybrid approach of both in-person and online school days, fully online, or fully in person, there are a lot of variables that can impact the overall school experience. From primary school to secondary education, students should invest in ways to make their learn-from-home space inviting and comfortable for their studies. Even if the student is attending classes in-person, it never hurts to have a well-developed space that promotes organization, active learning, and limits distractions.

First thing’s first; start with a desk.

The kitchen table is great for quick after-school assignments that are coupled with a snack, but spending extended periods there can lead to distractions. Besides, always cleaning up and moving a learning space when it comes time for a meal can disrupt the workflow for the next study session. By establishing a permanent desk in the house for learning, students can compartmentalize where school and home are separate. Does this mean you need to go out and buy a brand new, $300+ solid oak desk? Of course not! Here are some ways to create an efficient desk space for little to no money at all:

1. Clean off the old desk that’s turned into a storage spot and give it a makeover!

By using what you already have in the house and repurposing it, you’re not only saving money, but you’re allowing the student to create a space that they enjoy being at. From staining to painting, to covering the desk in stickers, there’s plenty of ways one can jazz up that old family desk and put it to good use.

2. Check out your local thrift stores.

Similar to the point above; if you can give an old desk a makeover, you can do the same for a thrift store find.

3. Use your built-in storage.

This option may take a little more creativity, but it can be a fun challenge with a result that is truly unique. Think about the different places around the house that have a “counter” built-in them. You might only be thinking of your kitchen, but what about a built-in shelf in a closet? For someone who needs a little more quiet and privacy for studying, clearing out a part of a closet to convert it into a desk area can provide an individualized space for learning at home.

Although this school year might not look the same as last year, it can be a great time to make it uniquely yours. Explore the desk options and decor you have around your house and create a space that makes you excited to learn each and every day!