When you Google, “best spring break destinations,” places like Cancun, Miami Beach, South Padre Islands, and other tropical locations are at the top of the list. Those all sound nice… but what doesn’t sound nice is the price tag associated with a trip to places like those. 

If you’re looking for a way to make the most of your spring break without breaking the bank, a staycation can offer a variety of enjoyable and affordable options! Even if you think you’ve seen everything your town has to offer, there’s bound to be a few hidden gems you have yet to discover. Here are a couple of ideas that can make your spring break staycation unforgettable! 

A Food Tour

If you’re saving money by not traveling or paying for lodging, you can splurge on some high-quality food! Whether there’s a fine dining restaurant you’ve wanted to try for years, or a new farm-to-table place down the street, treating yourself to a new dining experience can be a great way to experience a new sector of your town. Another option is picking one specific type of food and trying as many places that offer that food! Maybe your town is saturated with authentic taquerias. Grab a friend or two and map out a night of going from one place to the next and comparing all the street tacos you try!

Splurge on a Notable Hotel

Does your town have a unique, boutique hotel you’ve been dying to see? Take the opportunity to stay the night in someplace that you would never usually stay purely for the fun of it! It makes sense to justify a hotel or Airbnb when you travel somewhere, but why would you ever pay for a hotel in a place you live? Well, to experience a unique overnight stay for a staycation is one great reason!

Host a Movie Marathon

Maybe you’re not looking for an adventurous type of spring break. Perhaps a movie marathon with some of your close friends, in the comfort of your own home, sounds like the perfect vacation– make it happen! Select a series of movies you’d like to binge-watch and get the popcorn popping! 

It may take a little extra creativity to make a staycation feel as exciting as a vacation, but there are endless possibilities when it comes to curating a spring break from the comfort of your own town.