Stuffed teddy bears, boxes of chocolate, a dozen roses, and a million red and pink hearts seem to take center stage during February. The growing norm to have an extravagant evening February 14 coupled with lavish gifts can be a daunting expectation to fill, especially on a budget! You and your significant other can still have a special day without putting a big dent in the bank account; here’s how: 

Ditch the Individual Gifts

Americans are expected to spend over $3.9 billion on jewelry ALONE this Valentine’s Day. Instead of purchasing expensive gifts this year, discuss with your significant other the option of purchasing something together. This can look like purchasing some new decor for the house, going on a nice date night as the gift itself, or buying tickets to a show that’s a couple of months down the road. By purchasing something beneficial for the two of you, you’ll be saving money in the long run and enjoying doing something together! 

Opt for a Night In

It’s no secret that getting a nice reservation on Valentine’s day can be a stressful task. Instead of fighting the crowds and never-ending reservation lists, choose to make a nice meal at home together! While everyone else is hurrying to get to their restaurants, the two of you can be taking your time at the store, getting all the ingredients that you both favor. Additionally, by making your Valentine’s Day meal at home, you can plan to make a larger portion and have some delicious leftovers for later on!

Celebrate on a Different Day

Best way to guarantee you can reserve a table at your favorite restaurant for a fun night out? Reserve it on a day that everyone else is not! Who says you can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day any other day? Get creative and surprise your significant other with an early date night or agree to wait till another day and avoid the large crowds.