The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is here! From gifts to cookies to decorations and everything in between, this time of year can be equally as stressful as joyful. Questions like; what present does mom want? Do I need to get a gift for everyone in the family this year? (Including all of 5 nieces and nephews?!) can start to cloud the fun and excitement of any sort of gift-giving.


Instead of stressing out about the newest and latest gifts to get everyone, we’re here to offer a list of 25 stocking stuffers under $10 that you can give to family members and friends alike! By picking up a couple of cheaper items and stuffing them in a stocking, not only are you taking the stress of gift buying and wrapping off of yourself, but you’re also getting back to the real reason for the season: spending time with those you love, not just spending money. 


10 stocking stuffers under $10 for everyone: 

  1. $4.16 Rubix Cube for the constant puzzle-solver
  2. $4.95 Barnes and Noble notebooks for the writer
  3. $4.99 Beer glass for the one who drinks local
  4. $5 Monogrammed mug from Target for the homebody 
  5. $6.88 Jenga for the builder & gamer
  6. $7.99 Monogrammed wine stopper for the wine lover
  7. $9.99 Burts Bees 3-pack chapstick for the person who always loses their chapstick
  8. $9.99 Collectors puzzle for the Harry Potter fanatic
  9. $9.99 Play-Doh 20-pack for the family with a lot of kids
  10. $10 Eddie Bauer socks for the adventurer