Football season is back! Which means the fantasy-league chatter is back, the long-standing rivalries are more heated than ever, and the watch-party get-togethers are of main importance. Let’s face it: game day food is just as important as the game itself! But your team having a game every week (and two games a week if you’re a “house divided” or follow both college and NFL games), the cost can add up quickly. So how do you throw a tailgate that doesn’t break the bank?


Make it a “House”gate

There’s nothing quite like the rolling excitement that overflows from those overpacked tents crowding a stadium, but taking a weekend or two for an at-home watch party is a good way to save money and alleviate added game-day stress. By taking the tailgate to the house, you’re able to spend more time prepping and preparing food and drink that doesn’t require special equipment to stay hot or cool at an actual tailgate. It also gives you the freedom to stay up-to-date on other games during the day!


BYOB, Always.

Your friends are great, some of the best even! But alcohol is one of the largest ticket items when it comes to game-day fun. Whether you’re by the stadium or at home, encourage the rest of your party to bring their drinks or some to share. This will save you a significant amount of money while also ensuring that each person is drinking something they enjoy throughout the day.


Keep the Leftovers

Even if you do go all out and make enough food for a small town, don’t toss the food once the game is over! Package the leftovers to take for lunches or snacks throughout the week. Odds are, you might even use them for another watch party on Monday night. 


Enjoying the fall football season doesn’t have to come with the financial stress that it is often made up to be. By thinking ahead and trying some new things, this season’s tailgating can be fun, exciting, AND cost-friendly.