Back to School Shopping & Saving

Though it seems like summer just started, the back-to-school commercials have already flooded the tv screens and advertisements at local stores. Whether your student has already started classes or their just about to start, preparing for a school year can quickly turn into a multi-week extravaganza. From supplies to clothes to sports fees and more, the financial obligation is no joke. We’re here to fill you in on some of our favorite back-to-school shopping and saving tips:



Filling your student’s desk and backpack with all the necessary things can seem like a never-ending list. From classroom supplies to personal supplies, it seems like there’s no end in sight! Yes, supplies can add up quick, BUT there are some helpful tricks to beat the prices and actually save on this year’s supplies. 

  • Rummage through your junk drawer before you hit the store! Pens? Pencils? Highlighters? Odds are you have a multitude shoved in random places throughout the house. Gather all the supplies you already have before you head out to purchase items. 
  • Get basic supplies at your local dollar store. You’ll be surprised at how many items you can cross off your list if you start here first! 
  • Reuse from last year. Remember that geometry notebook that never got touched? Resurface the cover with a new and fun design and put it to good use for this year’s science class! 


Compiling a new wardrobe is never an easy task — especially for a student who will grow out of August’s clothes by October. However, shopping smart when it comes to clothes will help make the transition from one season to the next a lot easier. 

  • Hand-me-downs are never out of style! Whether it’s from a sibling, family member, friend or local drive, reusing clothes can help you piece together a wardrobe without even spending a dime. 
  • Check out your local consignment store. Odds are, they’re caring designer-named brands for a fraction of the price. Imagine walking out of the store with 10 items for $50? Now that’s a steal. 

At the end of the day, school shopping can be a big task to complete. But starting early and committing to shopping in creative ways can help save a lot of financial stress now and in the future.