Ah, beloved summer time. There are few things more exciting than a break from school, warmer weather, and a long-awaited vacation! However, one thing that can be far from exciting is the large price tag that comes with traveling. Whether you’re going solo, with friends, or with family, here are a few tips and tricks to stay within budget and plan a trip for cheap this summer.



The cost of getting from point A to point B can be a major money guzzler. When it comes to transportation, stay flexible and open-minded about travel dates. If you’re looking to fly, most airlines have cheaper flights during the middle of the week (and fewer people! It’s a win-win.) Maybe your destination isn’t too far and maybe there are cool places along the way; plan a road trip! Not only will you save money on transportation costs, but you’ll have the freedom of having your car and being able to make as many stops as you want along the way.




Trying to find a reliable place to stay that meets the needs of your trip can sometimes feel like a daunting and overwhelming task. Pair it with your transportation cost and you’ve already spent the majority of your trip’s budget- don’t worry! With services like AirBnb, Vrbo, and bundle sites such as Kayak, there are opportunities to save in new creative ways. Rather than staying in a nice hotel directly on the busiest, tourist-filled street, opting for an AirBnb or Vrbo further in the city can offer a more authentic experience in a new place. Choosing to bundle your airfare and lodging together through a company can come with discount benefits and peace of mind when planning.



It’s easy to be sucked into the mentality that you must spend money to have the best experience. Although there are definitely attractions and places that you have to pay to go to, you shouldn’t neglect the multitude of free experiences to do. When planning your trip, pick out two or three staple activities that you’re willing to splurge and spend the extra money while also searching for free events. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a local concert in the park or a coffee shop or a brand new concert venue! This could also help you see and find new things that aren’t where all the tourists are.


There’s a lot of considerations when it comes to planning vacations. Remember: vacation is a time to relax and enjoy! So don’t stress while you’re there. Plan beforehand and enjoy your time wherever you go.