Daylight Savings is around the corner, warm weather is on its way, but it seems like the cold weather is here to stay. It’s easy to plan for free things to do when majority of your time can be spent outside, but what about the cold winter days that seem to linger on? Until we can fill an afternoon with activities that are completely free and out in the sunshine, we need some cold-spring activities to do!

What’s there to do when the holiday festivities are over, but the days are still too cold to be enjoyed outside? Below is a list of things to do for little-to-no cost whenever you can’t be outside:

  1. Finally clean the part of the house you’ve been meaning to clean for the past three months
  2. Start a new book (pro-tip: head to a local book store and sit in their reading area/coffee shop and read in a new place for completely free)
  3. Try cooking a new meal with current ingredients in your pantry and fridge
  4. Break out the old photos and put together a more organized scrapbook
  5. Finish the home-improvement project you never got around to completing during the holidays
  6. Research new places to go and see once the warm weather comes
  7. Have kids? Build a fort with them and put on their favorite movie (win-win for occupied kiddos and a moment for the parents!)
  8. Start your spring cleaning early and take your clothes to a local consignment shop that will give you cash for unwanted items
  9. Do an at-home workout and get that heart rate up!
  10. Update your music playlists and play your favorite tunes while you clean up the house