Halloween can be a fun holiday, but it can also be an expensive one. Whether you love going all out for Halloween, or you just want to make it fun for the kids, these tricks will help you have a Spooktacular Halloween without spending a scary amount of money.

An article by U.S. News lists some great ways to save money on Halloween:

  • Buy Halloween candy in bulk from a warehouse club.
  • Look for deals and special offers on Halloween decorations at online party stores before you shop at your local store.
  • Search online or check your newspaper for fun, free Halloween events going on in your area.
  • Wait to buy pumpkins until one to three days before Halloween, when you can get them at a discounted price.
  • Make your own Halloween costumes with inexpensive materials. You can find hundreds of costume ideas, tutorials and tips online.

MoneyWise.com also has some great tricks for saving on Halloween treats:

  • Shop for costumes at Goodwill and other thrift stores.
  • Instead of buying expensive candy, buy Halloween toys in bulk from companies like Oriental Trading.
  • Shop at the Dollar Store for cute holiday decorations and name-brand candy.
  • Make your own Halloween decorations using supplies you have at home.
  • Stock up on Halloween costumes, decorations and other items when they go on clearance after Halloween is over.

Follow these tips for a fun, spooky and inexpensive Halloween! For help funding other holiday expenses, Contact Speedy Loans!