Personal finance can be difficult. Thankfully there are lots of great apps available that can make it easier. Check out some of these apps that can make it easier to manage your money, track your spending, and maintain a budget.

Business Insider lists some of the best apps to help you manage your money, including:

1. Mint: Create budgets, track bills, check your credit score, and more.
Price: Free

2. You Need A Budget: Stresses flexibility to promote smarter spending.
Price: Free for 34 days, then $6.99/month.

3. Pennies: Its simplicity and easy-to-use features help keep you from overspending.
Price: $3.99 download fee

Forbes lists 12 apps to track your spending, including:

1. Mvelopes: Use envelope budgeting to track your spending.
Price: Free 30-day trial; Basic $4/month; Plus $19/month; Complete $59/month.

2. Wally: Helps you compare your income with your purchases so you can stay on track.
Price: Free

3. Fudget: Stay organized and track budgets by creating simple lists.
Price: Free

The Balance sorted through several personal finance apps and came up with a list of the 8 best budgeting apps to download in 2018, including:

1. PocketGuard: An app that tracks your spending, builds you a personalized budget, and finds ways to save you money.
Price: Free

2. Simple: A bank account and budgeting app all in one.
Price: Free

3. Goodbudget: Uses the envelope budget method to help you plan your spending.
Price: Free version and Plus version ($6/month or $50/year).